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Draw Something

My high school friend is visiting and is taking over my Draw Something duties while she’s here.

I wanted to let you know in case you’re thinking my style is different.

Also, Burjit has given me my new phrase, “Hey, quit murdering me!” in Draw Something.


mathcat345: Whenever I see a mimosa tree, it takes me back to early childhood. My mom and I lived in the apartment on the second floor of my grandmother’s house when my father died. There was a mimosa tree in the backyard. It was easy for little me to climb and I found the tiny leaves fascinating. I remember how sad I was when my uncle cut it down. I don’t know why it was cut down, but I remember missing it.

I was so excited the first time I saw one in Maryland.

Funny how you see a photo you’re not expecting to see and so many memories flood in.




Very hard to play

but nice to dance to

As a Whovian and a choir nerd, this is a must-reblog.

This is very clever, and must now be on my dash.



Could your child be using Palaeontology without your knowledge? 

via wewantrevolutiongirlstylenow:

This is probably one of the funniest things I have ever seen on the internet/with my actual human eyes.

Posting this for Kate (milkglassmao), as it is sort of relevant to her interests (maybe a wee bit?) and has big science words for her.



The Doctor and The Torch


Doctor Who’s Matt Smith Carries The Olympic Torch

Photo credit @alun_vega

I, for one, bow to our Olympic torch bearing Time Lord.

The people of Gallifrey would be so proud.

Amy and Rory should be running, too!

Matt Smith has some amazing life experiences racked up and he’s not even 30 years old yet!




No GPOYW yesterday, so here is a little post shower hello. 

I have been feeling like absolute death lately. I’ve been doing most of the stuff I need to do, but feeling really awful, taking lots of drugs to get through, and just being miserable. I hurt, I twitch, I’m exhausted and stiff, I can’t sleep right, all of it.

People with chronic crap like fibro, RA, etc., know exactly what I’m talking about. It isn’t the joint part of my disease, it’s the fatigue and malaise part. It makes you cry and be sluggish and feel like everything is terrible.

But I got my Enbrel the other day and immediately injected after having missed a week and a half, and today? 

Today I feel human again! Still pain and whatnot, but perky! Not deathy! 

I hope you all have a great and sexy day.

Exactly what she said.

The fatigue and malaise suck all of your energy as you try to fight against them, leaving no energy to use for the rest of the living part of life.

More embarrassing than toilet paper on your shoe

I have discovered what is more embarrassing than toilet paper stuck on your shoe.

Getting up from the doctor’s exam to find that the paper from the table is completely stuck to your underwear and legs.

Luckily, this situation is extremely noticeable and can be rectified before the person leaves the exam room.

Practice vigilance at all times, my friends.

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