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No Avatar?

If you know me from Tumblr, then you know my avatar is my smile. I tried to load it here, but it is refusing to work. Of course, the line near the bottom said it might take an hour to load…over an hour ago.

Perhaps it will appear in the morning, as if by magic. If not, I will be trying to figure out what to do next. I can’t come to your house and paste my avatar on your monitor…can I?


Comments on: "No Avatar?" (12)

  1. Kevin Stone said:

    Mine came up almost immediately, but maybe I got lucky?

    • How did you import it? It sent me to another semi-site, which was weird. It shows up there, but not on WordPress.

      • Kevin Stone said:

        Yeah, I used that other site, too, and it showed up there, and then was eventually picked up by WordPress, too. I don’t know what’s going on with yours. :/

        • Also, when I click on, it still goes to a page that says it has been removed. You truly are in another space/time dimension!

          • Kevin Stone said:

   no longer is an active blog. is the one that I am using. Blogtronic remains my WordPress account username, though. It’s weird.

  2. I will practice patience and sleep while perhaps the computer will magically attach the avatar to the account. Perhaps it does not approve of my chosen photo. I have much to learn…like a Jedi in training or some other thing in training. As of now, I think my brain is full for the night. Play well with others now. Also, where are you? It says 2:35am on your post. It’s 9:40 here. One of us might have time traveled. Cool!

    • Kevin Stone said:

      Haha, it’s only 6:44 here. I may have my time settings wrong?

      • Whew. That’s a relief. I didn’t think you lived that far away! However, if you leave your time as it is, people will be confused and find you mysterious. I just realized my time is off, too.

  3. I think I fixed the time on my account and also found a place to import the avatar, so I have no idea what will become of the one I set up on the Gravatar page. Am replying to see if the time will show up at 9:57PM now.

  4. SUCCESS! Now, if I could just remember where that page was. I will probably have to start over tomorrow…fresh day, fresh brain. Have a good evening! Thanks for helping me out!

  5. oneofblondeness said:

    I am seeing the avi this morning

  6. oneofblondeness said:

    It took a day for me to be able to see my own

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