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More than three years, nine months

I had to scroll that far in my archives before I found anything flagged. 

It was a scene from “The Wire,” and if you watched the series, you know this scene.

Two detectives investigate a crime scene and find some issues with it. The only word spoken during the scene by either detective is some variation of “f&*k.”

Everyone was clothed in the scene; in the show, there were photos of the dead woman and she was unclothed, but I don’t think they showed up on the post.

I didn’t keep scrolling. I guess my avatar and URL are causing problems. It is an interesting situation.

Plus, I have posted a lot about dogs, cats, my health, and a few other things. I need to liven up my content!



My avatar has changed without any help from me!

I appear to be an upside down cone with tiny eyes.

This is an unexpected turn of events.

Time to do some laundry and let Tumblr air out a bit.

Word Press question

I started moving Tumblr to Word Press last night, and it is still “in progress.” Is this unusual, or does it seem about right?

I need to get out my chisel and stone tablet to communicate in the “old way.”

April 4, 2009

I wondered when I joined Tumblr.

Now I know.

My face is inappropriate?

I was able to check to see if I had anything on my blog that was NSFW. Seems my URL, my avatar, and my header image are NSFW.

You can all see that my avatar is my smile and part of my nose, right? Or have some of you been thinking it was some explicit part of me that most people keep hidden? 

I did send a request about it and will see if I get a response. I would hate to lose my Tumblr and all of the posts because of my smile.

Maybe my smile is just too alluring for Tumblr staff and they cannot gaze upon it. They actually pixelated the avatar on the page I checked!

Oh, Tumblr

I know many are talking about leaving Tumblr and I tend to come and go. I do plan on still keeping an account here, but if you are leaving, I would like to know where to find you.

Please let me know if you are on FB, Instagram, or some other platform. I do consider many of you to be friends. I think the definition of “friend” has changed with the advent of social media. I would miss you if you disappeared. I know some people have disappeared, and I know not where to find them.

This is your Public Service Announcement for today.


‘Twas the time before Christmas, and all through the house,

The Cheerwine was silent, just like a wee mouse.

The bottles were nestled all snug in their box,

As treasured as gold that you find at Fort Knox.

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